Coronavirus Update


Program Updates:

Transportation (Net Trans)

Net Trans will remain open and monitored daily. We continue to use our precautionary measures such as sanitizing vans, separating passengers, use of hand sanitizer, etc. to minimize exposure for employees and passengers


Personal Support Services

Program services have not been interrupted at this time and the program is continuing to function as designed. Our clients depend on us to get their groceries, medicine, etc. so we will continue to service them until otherwise noted. Our employees have been advised to practice universal precautions and social distancing to avoid exposure and remain safe. They are not visiting clients in hospitals, rehab centers or nursing homes, but do check on these clients via phone. Hours of operation and staffing remain the same.


Corrections (ACCP and CCI)

Both the Felony and Misdemeanor Probation programs remain open.Both programs have gone to telephone reporting in lieu of face to face reporting to mitigate exposure and limit the amount of face to face contact. Classes have been temporarily cancelled. Drug screens are being limited to only special court orders.  Our Felony program is continuing to do intakes every Wednesday but limiting the group size to 10 or less and conducting these in a large classroom to practice social distancing. Our Misdemeanor program is moving intakes out towards the end of April.


Meals on Wheels

Our Meals on Wheels program is continuing to do business as usual with the few updates made last week due to site closures. We continue to provide hot homebound meals at most sites. We are providing hot congregate or 5-day frozen meals for pick up at senior centers. We are doing what we can as an Agency to care for our community with little change to retain a sense of normalcy to our clients during this time.


Adult Day Services

Our Adult Day Services program is temporarily closed as of  March 27.


General Operations

Staff and availability has not changed.