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Jason Cody

Executive Director

(423) 975-5005

jcody [at] fthra [dot] org

Beverly Culp

Director of Adult Day Services

(423) 928-8855

bculp [at] fthra [dot] org

HR Department

(423) 979-6988

Don Vance

Misdemeanor Corrections/Probation

(423) 461-8285

dvance [at] fthra [dot] org

Scott Nelm

Director of Nutrition Services

(423) 461-8217

snelm [at] fthra [dot] org

Kevin Whalen

Director of Corporate Operations

(423) 431-8833

kwhalen [at] fthra [dot] org

Holly Hudson

Director of Senior Employment Program

(423) 461-7845

hhudson [at] fthra [dot] org

Kassandra Wynn

Director of Personal Support Services

(423) 461-7500

kwynn [at] fthra [dot] org

Candace Long

Director of NET Trans

(423) 461-8206

clong [at] fthra [dot] org

Kristen Long

Childcare Food Program Manager

(423) 218-7782

klong [at] fthra [dot] org

Rhonda Humbert

Director of Foster Grandparents Program

(423) 430-0473

rhumbert [at] fthra [dot] org

Eric Perry

ACCP Corrections (Felony Probation)

(423) 461-8289

eperry [at] fthra [dot] org